Communication & Trauma

2 day workshop for Craniosacral Therapists

Workshop Aims
The aim of this workshop is to deepen awareness and skill in how communication supports therapeutic presence. By meeting people where they are and in their own terms, we can enhance the intelligence and resources that underpin health. Safety and pacing will be considered and how to connect verbal expression to what we feel through our senses.

This workshop is for qualified Craniosacral Therapists and students in their second year of training who want to:

  • Connect more deeply in therapeutic relationship
  • Understand the verbal messages of safety and trauma
  • Clarify the use of communication within the CST scope of practice (boundaries with ‘talking therapies’)
  • Improve clinical assessment for beginning and continuing therapy

The presence and touch of a Craniosacral Therapist can be truly transformative for people affected by trauma. When we contact our clients with balanced awareness, we establish safety and bring information to consciousness. Verbal interaction is invaluable for clarifying relationships, supporting connection with the client and in engaging the nuanced expressions of health and trauma.

Learning Objectives
This workshop will enhance your skill to:

  • Recognise the client’s way of communicating health & trauma
  • Recognise your own way of communicating health & trauma so that you can ‘meet your client half way’
  • Discern the client’s level of resources and starting point in progressing towards integration
  • Connect verbal and sensory information to more safely hold the pace of your therapeutic work

Learning format
This workshop draws on body-oriented approaches to trauma healing, developmental psychology and learning. The format is a mixture of theory and practice with experiential exercises, discussion, presentation and hands-on work. We will simplify the work by grounding understanding in clinical and personal experience.

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