Here are the areas where I am most experienced:

  • Stress, Shock & Trauma – finding a sense of calm & safety to recover from stressful situations including car accidents, falls, surgery, abuse, shock, work related stress, bereavement, depression, anxiety & panic attacks
  • Pain, Tension & Injury – easing tension & discomfort to improve movement and relaxation, including back, shoulder, neck, hip and leg tension, repetitive strain and sports injuries
  • Palliative care – supporting the wellbeing and quality of life of clients with terminal illness
  • Addiction – supporting recovery through various stages from substance and behavioural addictions including drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling etc
  • Post Surgery & Dental – supporting optimal recovery from surgery, medication & anaesthetic
  • Long term illness – supporting wellbeing & relief from symptoms & side effects e.g. Arthritis, HIV, MS, Cancer, IBS

I practice from health clinics in Brighton, Lewes and Haywards Heath and have worked in NHS and community clinics including the following organisations:

  • Sussex Beacon – I worked here for 12 years as part of a multi-disciplinary team supporting people through treatment support, respite, palliative care and medical convalescence. The centre offers specialist care for people affected by and living with HIV.
  • Brighton Body Positive – was a charitable organisation offering complementary therapies to people living with HIV/AIDS in Brighton & Hove.
  • World Medicine – is a charitable organisation which provides complementary healthcare to people around the world suffering the effects of trauma, disaster and poverty. I travelled to Sri Lanka in 2006 to work with survivors of the 2004 tsunami.