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How to arrange an appointment

Please call me directly on 07731 549836, I usually respond to phone messages well within 24hrs, electronic messages may take a little longer


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  1. Hello, I’m a 67yr old lady and for 20yrs have suffered and being treated for severe Clinical Depression & Anxiety. In this time, I have remained on medication, in conjunction with various therapies. I’ve been told that cranio-sacral therapy may help me and would like your advice on this. Sincerely Marilyn

    1. Hello Marilyn, thanks for getting in touch. The helpfulness of a therapy really depends on the individual as I’m sure you appreciate having tried various therapies before. That being said, I have worked with people experiencing depression and anxiety before and have found craniosacral therapy has much to offer. If you would like to arrange an appointment or speak to me to discuss this more, please contact me by phone or text on 07731549836. Thanks, Steve

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