Somatic Trauma Therapy

Somatic Trauma Therapy is a non-touch body-oriented approach to working with shock and trauma. Feelings of overwhelm can persist following highly stressful and traumatic experiences. Even when the rational mind knows the threat has passed, the subconscious and the body can respond “as if” it is still present. This can lead to feelings of constantly being “on alert”, fatigue and a range of other symptoms.

In my practice, I offer a safe space for you to explore your responses to stress and trauma. With growing awareness and resilience, new ways to support wellbeing become accessible and the lasting effects of the trauma change. We work together to recognise what has helped you this far and process the presenting issues so that you can move beyond past experiences to a fuller, more integrated sense of self.

Somatic Trauma Therapy is complementary to my craniosacral practice and I often integrate touch into these sessions, this is always with negotiation and permission from the client.

Please contact me to find out more about Somatic Trauma Therapy which I offer in all the clinics I work in across Brighton, East and West Sussex.